Stamped Asphalt Product Information

Top Reasons Municipalities, Businesses, and Residential Users Select Us:

    1. Our product can be installed up to 10x faster than concrete bricks.

    2. It's highly flexible and resistant to cracking, as compared with cement.

    3. It's a continuous, water-resistant surface. This prevents damage from water getting to the base (as is common with bricks or cement).  It also eliminates the problem of weeds growing through the cracks.

    4. It's a low-maintenance surface and, when necessary, very easy to repair.  It can also be easily rejuvenated after many years of use.

    5. It's got a skid resistance equal to normal asphalt.

    6. It doesn't react to salt used during wintertime.

    7. Best of all, it's highly attractive. Please review the pictures included in our website and then give us a call to discuss your project!

Much of this site features new decorative asphalt installations.

But don't forget:

We can also reheat your existing asphalt (for example, to customize your driveway). Many patterns and colors are available!  Call us for further details.